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Dear Shri George Mathew,
Thank you for sending the CVs of former officers of KWA. Some of the CVs seem to be good and may qualify for selection to various positions. Shri Sudil Mani has now sent the CV format for preparing the CV and sending them to him.
I am sending you along with the CV format, Annexure 3 – qualification and experience requirements for key staff proposed. You may advise the officers who have already sent their CVs to prepare revised CVs according to the format and also check up the post/posts most suitable for them from among the 18 positions indicated as the key staff. I will be grateful if you could persuade them to prepare their CVs against one or more positions of key staff, may be on priority and send it back if possible by Sunday evening i.e. 23-05-2021.
We are not able to get the email addresses of Shri M. K. Rangasuth and Shri P. C. Devis. Smt. Neena Majeed has given the same email address as that of Shri S. Rathish. I tried to contact her around 11.50 AM today. But there was no response. I spoke to Shri S. Rathish over his mobile phone. He has promised to contact her and also to send her a copy of this message. You may also follow up.
We will need more CVs to fit into various posts. You may kindly request your friend who is running a consulting company to share some CVs and the profile of his company/organization.
With warmest regards,
Yours Sincerely,
P. K. Sivanandan